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"Synthetic Metal is no longer a concept ... the possibilities are endless."

The design potential of additive manufacturing, the engineering properties of polymers, the strength and electronic characteristics of metals and the cost and speed of injection molding.

Synthetic Metal technology (patent pending) has innovative applications in a broad range of industries including electronics, automotive, industrial, healthcare, military and aerospace.

Synthetic Metal Technology makes the impossible.... possible.

Developed and engineered for commercial applications that require polymers that boost electrical and thermal conductivity, structural strength and thermal stability. 

Oil and Gas

Corrosion is defined as “the deterioration of a substance (usually metal) or its properties because of a reaction to its environment.” 

Synthetic Metal Corrosion Anodes combine the strength and electronic characteristics of metal alloys with the engineering properties of polymers.


Enhanced initial fixation and bone ingrowth. 

Design structures that mimic mechanics of the body. 

Improved Osseointegration.

Increased implant survival rate.

Increased quality of life and joint function status.


Synthetic Metal projectiles are engineered to replace monolithic nickel-plated bullets. 

Compared to similar projectiles, Synthetic Metal projectiles have 32 to 38% less felt recoil, 65 to 75% more velocity and 25 to 30% more kinetic energy.

Synthetic Metal™ projectiles have "reduced over-penetration” and “more stopping power”. 

"the total is greater than the sum of the components.”

Synthetic Metal is the unique integration of advanced Additive Manufacturing systems with ARPMAX® Polymer technology to create an abrasion resistant polymer with the electrical and/or thermal conductivity of metal.

"To create new materials which combine the processability of organic polymers with the physical or chemical characteristics associated with metal."

Polymer Research

Integrating our high performance polymers with 3D metal printing and injection molding technologies

3D Metal Printing

3D Metal printed endoskeleton combined with advanced polymers and innovative design = Synthetic Metal

Injection Molding

Injection Molded polymers with a 3D metal alloy endoskeleton to create a conductive polymer for a wide range of applications

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