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Jan 1, 2021

Golf Australia Magazine features Synthetic Metal Technology.

A revolutionary Golf Ball incorporating ARPMAX® Polymers with a metal alloy endoskeleton. Read More

December 11, 2020

CLAWTRAX Vehicle Recovery Boards to be released in 2021.

"A new innovation for the offroad 4WD vehicle market is now in pre-production stage.”

Synthetic Metal™ has recently developed a new innovation for the Four Wheel Drive vehicle industry.

Our engineers have patented a polymer structure with a metal endoskeleton called CLAWTRAX. This new product will offer features previously considered impossible, while also adding unique cosmetic features. 

Jan 23, 2021

Collaboration in Synthetic Metal Product Development

Innovative businesses know that working together as a collective team is more beneficial than working separately. 

Remember that old saying... “two heads are better than one” , that is the cornerstone of collaboration and a successful product development. 

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"We have never seen that before! ” 

That is the most common reaction when Synthetic Metal™ technology is first introduced to new clients.

Synthetic Metal™ is the unique integration of advanced Additive Manufacturing systems with ARPMAX® Polymer technology to create an abrasion resistant polymer with the electrical and/or thermal conductivity of metal alloys.

Developed and engineered for commercial applications that require polymers that boost electrical and thermal conductivity, structural strength, and thermal stability.

By utilizing 3D metal printing, we can create a metal endoskeleton (the available range of metals and alloys is also increasing dramatically). Our initial research was influenced by the original T-800 Terminator, as Arnie said… “Living tissue over a Metal Endoskeleton”.

A metal alloy endoskeleton creates mechanical strength and conductivity to a polymer (think reinforced concrete). Imagine a human body without a skeleton.

Synthetic Metal™ makes the impossible.... possible.

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