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Synthetic Metal Technology

Developed and engineered for commercial applications that require polymers that boost electrical and thermal conductivity, structural strength and thermal stability.

Synthetic Metal™ was designed to incorporate ARPMAX® high performance polymers.

ARPMAX high performance polymers are proven to retain improved mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties when subjected to extreme operating environments, such as high temperature, high vibration, high pressure and corrosive chemicals.

"We haven't seen that before!”

That is the most common reaction when Synthetic Metal™ technology is introduced to new clients. 

Synthetic Metal™ is the unique integration of advanced Additive Manufacturing systems with ARPMAX® Polymer technology to create an abrasion resistant polymer with the electrical and/or thermal conductivity of metal alloys.

By utilizing 3D metal printing, we can create a metal endoskeleton (the available range of metals and alloys is also increasing dramatically). Our initial research was influenced by the original T-800 Terminator, as Arnie said… “Living tissue over a Metal Endoskeleton”.

Today, by combining innovative new polymers eg; ARPMAX®, with a metal alloy endoskeleton, this creates Synthetic Metal™.  

The biggest advantage of Synthetic Metal is "processability", mainly by injection molding a unique polymer in and around a metal endoskeleton.

The injection molded polymer in and around the metal endoskeleton is usually not conductive and therefore becomes an insulator, in addition to other benefits of injection molded materials such as abrasion resistance, resiliently deformable, cost, impact resistance, non-corrosive, chemical resistance, colorability, operating temperatures, weight, etc. 

A metal endoskeleton creates mechanical strength and conductivity to a polymer (think reinforced concrete). Imagine a human body without a skeleton. 

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